Today, healthcare involves more than just insurance.

You work hard to protect your family, serve your community, and honor your commitments. We bring the same values to finding healthcare solutions that fit your business. Navigating your options requires in-depth knowledge, an innovative approach, and an experienced team delivering exceptional service.

We understand your challenges because we understand healthcare.

What We Do

We have the team to help you build a better strategy, and the systems needed to support it.

At Brown, we believe a successful benefits program requires a tailor-made benefits strategy. Our team is ready to help you develop personalized employee benefit solutions that minimize risk, reduce costs, and take advantage of our suite of administrative and technology services.

Consulting and Brokerage Services

There's no such thing as a “one size fits all" approach to benefits consulting. We're passionate about designing and implementing benefits programs that are tailored to fit the unique needs and culture of each and every client. Our extensive planning process and proven strategic framework will ensure that you get the most from every aspect of your health care investment.

Total Benefit Administration

A robust technology platform is the backbone of a successful employee benefits program. Our TPA Solutions unit offers clients the following services at no additional cost:

  • Dedicated Member Services
  • Online Enrollment
  • COBRA Administration
  • Consolidated Billing and Reconciliation
  • Direct Retiree Billing
  • Regulatory and Compliance Services
  • Wellness Incentive Design, Tracking and Distribution
Member Engagement

Do your employees know the cost difference between an MRI and an X Ray? Do they know the true cost of a brand name medication versus a generic? It takes an educated plan member to get the most out of their benefits plan, but most employees are simply too busy to fully understand their benefits. Keeping in mind the limited attention span of most members, we design custom communication campaigns to help raise awareness and plan efficiency, including quarterly communication campaigns that utilize various media that build off of the traditional materials for open enrollment, member surveys, posters, and wallet cards. The end result is a better-informed employee who values their benefits more highly and utilizes their plan more wisely.

Population Health Management

Can an employer really make employees lead healthier lives? The answer is maybe. Wellness programs aimed at managing the health risks of your employees can be an effective way to reduce long-term benefit costs, but only when those programs are designed and implemented correctly. At Brown, we have the experience necessary to collect and analyze data and to design targeted programs aimed at reducing health risks.

How We Help

Like Your Business, Every Solution Is Unique

You know that success depends on reacting and adapting to the unexpected. Our experienced team shares that knowledge and tailors our solutions to individual businesses and situations. Below are a few success stories that illustrate Brown's innovative approach:

Saved over $3.2M in a single year

We helped save millions by aggressively managing health care plans

Brown recently saved a southern California Sheriff's association over $3.2M in a single year by utilizing our credible underwriting framework. After evaluating alternate funding mechanisms, Brown recommended the client move to a hybrid funding strategy that provided them with a substantial reduction in annual medical premium and lowered their risk of hitting the Cadillac Tax.

Reduced high blood pressure by 72%

Our wellness strategies helped lower firefighters’ blood pressure – and costs

We build population health management programs that produce meaningful results. By designing an integrated incentive strategy as part of a comprehensive wellness program for the more than 1,000 employees of the Orange County Firefighters Association, we helped reduce the number of employees with high blood pressure by 72% over the course of six years. The net effect of lowering the risk factors associated with high blood pressure is actuarially estimated to be a more than $1.6M reduction in future claims cost.

Avoiding the Cadillac tax

We know how to navigate the changing landscape of health care

Consultants at Brown design multi-year strategic roadmaps for each and every client. These roadmaps ensure that all of our clients are aware of the potential impact of upcoming legislative changes and that plan design and contribution strategies are modified accordingly. Our clients know that following these roadmaps are vital to avoiding the Cadillac Tax as well as the myriad reporting and filing requirements brought about by the Affordable Care Act.

Educate your employees

We educate members so they can make the most of their benefits

After analyzing huge quantities of claim data for a client with 900 employees, we discovered members were utilizing the group health plan for workers' compensation-related injuries. Brown addressed that issue by building a comprehensive 12-month communication campaign that incorporated various media such as print materials, emails, custom videos, and even a half-day seminar dedicated to this one topic. This resulted in claims being routed through the correct channels providing predictability in pricing and savings to the self-funded medical plan. In addition, Brown rolled out a wellness incentive program aimed at targeting these specific cost drivers in order to reduce the workers compensation experience modification factor for the client.


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